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No time for slowcoaches

Unlimited performance means unlimited driving pleasure.

Let petrol mopeds and other slowcoaches look outdated. The Super SOCO TS makes it possible, because the efficient combination of the newly developed Field Oriented Control (FOC) and the powerful BOSCH electric engine sets new standards in terms of power and performance. Whoever claims “e-mobility is no fun” has certainly never sat on a SOCO.

Super SOCO TS Power and performance

High-performance electric engine

powered by BOSCH®

The Super SOCO is truly an unparalleled powerhouse. The electric engine – developed and produced by BOSCH – produced an incredible 120 newton metres of maximum torque. This guarantees the necessary through draught to prove yourself against other moped riders as well as cars. After only a few seconds, you are at top speed, with no noise or stench whatsoever.

Super SOCO TS High-performance electric engine

Smart control unit

The field-orientated vector control (FOC)

For optimal balance between range and performance, Super SOCO TS provides field-orientated control, also known as Field Oriented Control (FOC). Rightly so, it is also referred to as the “brain” of the e-moped. This is because the FOC takes the required power from your throttle and passes the information in an adapted form directly to the engine. Sounds like witchcraft – and maybe it is. Either way, you are guaranteed to get the ultimate driving experience.

The electric braking system (EBS)

Energy recovery

It should actually be called: “Those who brake, lose.” But not with the Super SOCO. So that no energy in unnecessarily lost during braking, it is automatically converted back into electricity and fed back into the batteries. In practice, you do not notice any of these procedures, apart from the fact that the range is up to 10% greater and the batteries therefore also have a longer life.

Motorsport brakes

for even shorter braking distances

Maybe over the top for a moped, but just right for the SOCO. Hydraulic double-piston brake systems known from motorsport are used as standard. The sensitive brakes give you extremely precise handling in and before corners – even in wet conditions.

And ultimately, you should be able to safely stop and trust your vehicle. Even with overheating, you’ll never have to worry thanks to the latest materials and air-cooled brake discs.

Stepless control

for smooth driving

The throttle grip and acceleration of the Super SOCO TS redefine the term “smooth” in a whole new way. An unprecedented vector control makes driving incredibly enjoyable and exciting at the same time. Behind it is a smart controller that works with the FOC and thus transfers your hand movement directly onto the road.