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This has never been seen before

Electromobility that actually moves you

No simple lines and no obsolete scooter design. SOCO is definitely nothing for slowcoaches. And to help you find your own personal style, there are five different styles to choose from. Do you like what you see? Good! You won’t find such a moped so quickly again.

Super Soco TS Design

the agony of choice

Choose your style

The SOCO is available in five different styles, each of which highlights your character in a very special way. Whether modern frost silver, monotone deep black or elegant snow white – the classics with a glossy finish will make your electric scooter look anything but old. Sporty drivers are more likely to fall back to race red, and for those who always want to be in the limelight, adrenaline orange in a matt look is the highlight.

E-mobility reinvented


When the sketch becomes a reality

The story of the Super SOCO TS began on a plain piece of paper – as is often the case. While only a fraction of these design studies are ultimately implemented worldwide, SOCO was convinced that they had created a unique electric vehicle with a future. The futuristic look and its timeless character were translated 1:1 into reality. Created for the e-mobility of tomorrow. And the day after tomorrow.

Completely safe

and always visible

An extra enlarged light angle of about 270 degrees makes you clearly visible to all road users – whether from behind or from the side. After all, you have nothing to hide, as the LED rear light looks especially spectacular at night.

In addition, the LEDs last well past the 1,000-hour limit. So forget about bulb replacements; you’ll never have to risk getting home with a non-functional rear light.

Perfect visibility

thanks to the latest LED technology

Dipped headlights, full beam as well as daytime running lights of the SOCO shine in a bright, pure white LED look. Halogen and xenon are yesterday’s news.
Up to 28,000 candelas of light are concentrated across 6 LED modules via glass lenses and projected onto the street to ensure perfect illumination. The result speaks for itself: about 5 times more light output than conventional halogen bulbs and unique values in the moped class.

SOCO light output

Conventional light output

In particular the seamless LED ring of the daytime running light, with 30 individual LEDs, makes the SOCO an eye-catcher during the day and at night.

By the way: thanks to LED technology, power consumption is minimal, which in turn has a positive effect on the range of the Super SOCO TS.

100 % well thought-out

Smart features that make the difference

Even before the first prototype was created, the focus was always on the driver. The clever storage compartment in the Super SOCO, for example, opens automatically and offers ample space for your smartphone, wallet, keys etc. but also for the charger.
Under the removable insert are also the batteries, which can also be removed.

A good design is geared towards the driver

Tailor the Super SOCO to your needs

So that even long journeys with the electric scooter do not become an ordeal, you need to be able to sit comfortably and safely. The Super SOCO can be adjusted to your height. The footrests as well as the ground clearance, suspension and much more can be adjusted in a few easy steps. Your adjustments also affect driveability. Whether sporty and direct or comfortable and quiet, the customisable design is always made for you.

Super Soco TS Design adjustments and driveability