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Robust housing made

of special aluminium

The premium, lithium-ion cells of the Super SOCO deserve sufficient protection. The housing of the batteries is therefore made of particularly lightweight yet robust aluminium, as it is used, for example, in aircraft construction. At just 11 kg, the battery is also lightweight and can be easily removed and transported.

Super SOCO TS battery housing

2 batteries at the same time

for even more flexibility and range

Unlike conventional e-mopeds, there are two batteries side by side in the Super SOCO. And doubled batteries means double the range – at 160 kilometres. Those who want to can also make do with a rechargeable battery and cruise up to 80 km in the local area – you have the choice.

Both battery packs hide under the bonnet and can be removed in less than no time without tools. The ergonomic handle makes it even more comfortable. As soon as the batteries are replaced, the latch on the underside snaps in – so nothing can go wrong.

This is how the removal works

Reliable Li-Ion cells

of the latest generation

It is often the case that battery cells are skimped on. But not with the Super SOCO, since only Li-Ion cells from Samsung, LG or Panasonic are used. They are characterised by particularly high longevity and strong performance – even after many years.

They play an extremely important role when arranging the individual cells, which ultimately work together as a whole unit. More space and staggered lines provide better cooling and optimised performance.

360° protection against

Super SOCO TS overcharging


Super SOCO TS deep discharge

deep discharge

Super SOCO TS overvoltage


Super SOCO TS overheating


Super SOCO TS short circuit

short circuit

Super SOCO TS indifferences


thanks to the intelligent battery management system (BMS)

Completely safe

due to the integrated plating

As with the leading carmakers of today, the battery cells in the Super SOCO are well-cladded and protected.

This not only affects the vibrations of the road, but also when the battery is accidentally dropped, the moped falls over or, in the worst case, during a crash. The integrity of the battery is not compromised, even if one or more cells malfunction.

You can therefore be sure that the power source of your moped is always intact and reliable.

Quick to charge

and ready again for getting underway

Two possibilities for charging:
  1. Charging the batteries separately, directly at the socket
  2. Plugging the Super SOCO TS into the socket and charging both batteries at the same time
Thanks to the revolutionary charging technology, you have enough charge within 20 minutes to cover a distance of around 20–30 km. The battery takes about 5 hours to fully charge. The dynamic charging process enables the cells to be preserved as much as possible in order to still achieve appropriate performance levels after many years.

160 km for just 60 cents

hard to believe, but true

Measured by the average electricity price in Austria, the full charge of both batteries of the Super SOCO TS come to just €0.60. This results in a saving of more than 1,200% compared to common petrol mopeds.

The decision for the Super SOCO is by no means purely economic, but also ecological. Exhaust gases and polluting oils are completely eliminated.