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E-mobility never looked so classic.

The British legend of the 1950s Equipped with today's best and newest technologies, the Super SOCO TC celebrates the rebirth of the classic from the 1950s and at the same time heralds a new era of electric mobility. Now available in Europe

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Performance Highlights

Maximum performance and maximum driving pleasure combined in a small, mobile device.


km/h speed


km max. range


kg dead weight


colour variants

E-mobility never looked this classic

Choose your personal style of Super SOCO TC

In the classic retro style, SOCO is definitely not boring. To find your personal style, you can choose from four different, good looking designs.

LED headlights

of the next generation

Intelligent all-round LED lighting turns every night into day. Automatic adjustment of the ambient brightness measured by photo sensors switches the dipped beam automatically. The indicators and rear lights also shine with modern design, which is guaranteed to turn heads. And during the day, the LED daytime running light shows that you are not driving a "normal" moped here.

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Full control

with the perfect cockpit

Overview is everything. The SOCO TC's large display shows you all the information you need while driving: current speed, remaining range, driving mode, temperature and much more. In classic retro design paired with state-of-the-art technology. The backlight shows you all information even in the dark.

Super SOCO TC Cockpit

Powerful batteries

For maximum range

The Super SOCO TC can be equipped with up to two batteries at the same time. Both are easily removable, so you don't have to bring the SOCO TC into your apartment or living room. Each battery is comprised of dozens of powerful lithium-ion cells from Panasonic, LG or Samsung – including an intelligent battery management system (BMS). For this reason, Super SOCO is Europe's first moped with a range of up to 160 kilometres – 100% electric.

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Endless power

BOSCH 17-inch wheel hub motor

Experience electric mobility at its best: no oil change or refilling, no smelly exhaust fumes, no noise pollution. The wheel hub motor developed jointly with BOSCH with a maximum output of 3000 watts brings power to the road without any transmission or deceleration and gets you up to top speed faster than conventional petrol engines.



The 1950s classic is back.

Smartphone App

Networked into the future

Connect to the Super SOCO TC via Bluetooth! The smartphone app serves several purposes: On the one hand, you can view all information about the SOCO TC that is stored in the on-board computer. On the other, you can use the app to adjust the driving behaviour and other settings as you like. The app is available free of charge. Available from the end of 2018.

Super SOCO TC smartphone app

Pleasing accessories?

Super SOCO TC accessories

Additional features

no noise

The SOCO TC drives noiselessly. Even at full throttle, only the rolling noise of the tyres can be heard.

no smell

After all, with no exhaust pipe, there are no exhaust gasses. No more stinking clothes and environment.

low maintenance

Only the brakes (blocks or discs) incur maintenance costs. The BOSCH electric motor requires no maintenance!

low operating costs

A full charge of both batteries costs you less than 60 cents. The savings are thus clear.

low costs for INSURANCE

The insurance premium of the Super SOCO TC is only a fraction of that of a conventional petrol scooter.

good for the environment

Driving with the Super SOCO TC protects the environment in a sustainable way – for a better future.

Now available in Germany

Super SOCO TC incl. 1 battery (approx. 80 km range). Customer sales price (incl. VAT)

Our price:

3.290,00 €


Europe-wide promotion of e-mobility

Depending on the country, the purchase of electric vehicles is financially supported by many governments, organisations or companies. Please contact your local authority or dealer for more detailed information. The switch to electric mobility is therefore an absolute win-win situation for 2018.