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High performance Ninebot unicycle.

When it comes to maximum speed, power and especially range, there is no alternative to the INMOTION V8. The new model exceeds all expectations and impresses in every respect.

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1090,00 €

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Performance highlights

Maximum performance and maximum driving pleasure combined in a small, mobile device.


km/h speed


km max. range


kg dead weight


inch tires for more stability

148 mm pure driving fun between the legs

The top priority is, of course, driving fun and the V8 from INMOTION offers more than enough. The device conceals a powerful motor, plenty of battery cells, a computing unit and much more for the optimal driving experience. Thanks to the slim design, the electric unicycle rides better than ever and your legs stay free of pressure points.

Inmotion V8 LED lighting

LED lighting included

The latest unicycle from INMOTION shines not only in terms of performance, but also with its brilliant design. Whether at night or during the day – the integrated LED lighting is definitely an eye-catcher and can be individually adjusted using the smartphone app.

Inmotion V8 perfect balance

Ultralight and perfectly balanced

The special ratio of high-tech materials used ensures that the V8 is particularly light and yet stable. This in turn has a positive effect on driving behaviour and cornering dynamics. With a net weight of just 13.8 kg you can take the INMOTION V8 with you wherever you go.

Inmotion V8 easy operation

Easy operation

An illuminated display shows you all important information about your device. The operation and handling is carried out via touch surface and is surprisingly simple and self-explanatory.

Inmotion V8 speed

It’s the speed that counts

Every component of the INMOTION V8 aims to deliver maximum performance in every situation. Whether rapid acceleration or extreme braking manoeuvres – the unicycle masters all scenarios with skill. A smart safety system works in the background, giving you a feeling of safety like you’ve never experienced before.

Inmotion V8 technology

Forward-thinking technology

On board there is a built-in LED front light for driving at night and a powerful loudspeaker.

Inmotion V8 battery power

Even more battery power

We only use high-quality rechargeable cells with extended life and additional safety features to spare you inconvenience. By the way, the battery is removable.

Inmotion V8 details

Mature from bottom to top

Every detail has been thought through. For example, an extendible handle is integrated so that you can push the INMOTION comfortably after dismounting – without any effort.

Inmotion V8 sportiness

Nothing is more sporty

The design has been reworked from the ground up. For example, the footrests on the INMOTION V8 have been positioned slightly higher. This allows you to negotiate curves at high speeds without literally reaching your limits.

Inmotion V8 user friendliness

USER-friendly design

The V8 thinks for itself. And not only during the journey, but also when getting off. Sensors automatically detect when you lift the device. This prevents the INMOTION from accelerating unintentionally and therefore also reduces the risk of injury.

Always connected

The free smartphone app is available for both Android and iOS. This allows you to change all settings of the INMOTION V8. Be it the lighting or the driving behaviour. The onboard computer also provides you with live performance data and other information such as the remaining range or average values.

Experience the new era of movement now.

Original V8 special accessories

  • Inmotion V8 accessories
  • Inmotion V8 accessories
  • Inmotion V8 accessories
  • Inmotion V8 accessories
  • Inmotion V8 accessories

Technical specifications


  • Colour: black

  • Battery: 72 V, 6.4 Ah, 480 Wh

  • Approx. 4.5 hours charging time

  • Range: 30-40 km

  • max. payload: approx. 120kg

  • Top speed: 30 km/h

  • max. slope: 25°

  • Weight: 13.8 kg

  • Engine power: 800 Watt

  • Wheel diameter: 16 inch

  • IP protection class: IP55 (splash proof)

Now available in Germany

The Inmotion V8 and numerous accessories are now available – throughout Germany.

Our price:

1090,00 €