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The new generation of INMOTION's unicycles are also available in Germany. The V5F features excellent design and improved driving characteristics. In addition, range and performance have been optimised. The dead weight has also been reduced, which is why the INMOTION V5F can be conveniently carried on public transport, for example. A novel lift-up mechanism now ensures that the motor is deactivated when lifting – for even greater safety.

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Performance Highlights

Maximum performance and maximum driving pleasure combined in a small, mobile device.


km/h speed


km max. range


kg dead weight


electrical power

Perfect user experience

The new engine of the INMOTION V5F achieves speeds of up to 25 km/h with a realistic range of approx. 20-30 kilometres. As always, the priority is driving pleasure and of course suitability for everyday use. By the way, thanks to its IP55 certification, the V5F is suitable for almost all terrains, for professionals and for beginners – even in wet conditions.

Improved pedals

Verbesserte Pedale

The pedals of the electric unicycle have an extremely non-slip, sandpaper-like surface, which gives you even more stability in all situations. Even with wet shoes you always have sufficient grip on your INMOTION V5F.

Inmotion V5F trips

Perfect for all trips

Soft cushions on the sides turn all trips into an experience without unpleasant pain. This makes the INMOTION V5F an ideal unicycle for everyone who wants to drive to the park, to work, to school, or wherever. Frequent drivers also benefit from the V5F's features thanks to improved shock resistance and other improvements in driving comfort.

Inmotion V5F Lift-up mechanism

Lift-up mechanism

An intelligent mechanism automatically deactivates the engine as soon as the electric unicycle is lifted. This prevents unwanted acceleration and the risk of injury. The weight of the new V5F has also been reduced to less than 12 kg so that it can be taken anywhere.

Inmotion V5F individual design

The most customisable unicycle

The generous side surfaces offer enough space to design the INMOTION V5F how you want. We also supply individual covers and stickers, so you can show your own personal style on the unicycle.

Inmotion V5F smart accessories

Smart accessories

We have also taken the accessories one step further. Original INMOTION parts such as the trolley handle make it possible to push the V5F very comfortably without any effort.

Inmotion V5F integrated LED lighting

Integrated LED lighting

The INMOTION V5F has powerful LED lighting at both the front and rear, which illuminates your path at night. The rear light also serves as a brake light and lights up brighter when you slow down.

Always connected

The free smartphone app is available for both Android and iOS. This can be used to change all settings around the INMOTION V5F. Be it the lighting or the driving behaviour. The onboard computer also provides you with live performance data and other information such as the remaining range or average values.

Experience the new era of movement now.

Original V5F special accessories

  • Inmotion V5F accessories
  • Inmotion V5F accessories
  • Inmotion V5F accessories
  • Inmotion V5F accessories
  • Inmotion V5F accessories
  • Inmotion V5F accessories

Technical specifications


  • Colour: black or white

  • Battery: 72 V, 4 Ah, 288 Wh

  • Charging time: approx. 3-4 h

  • Range: 20-30 km

  • max. payload: approx. 120kg

  • Top speed: 25 km/h

  • max. slope: 18°

  • Weight: 11.9 kg

  • Engine power: 550 Watt

  • Wheel diameter: 14 inch

  • IP protection class: IP55 (splash proof)

Now available in Germany

The Inmotion V5F and numerous accessories are now available – throughout Germany.

Our price:

690,00 €