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Enter a new era of e-mobility.

Driving fun for beginners and professionals


  • 25 km/h top speed

  • only 11.9 kg dead weight

  • ranges of up to 30 km are possible.

  • 1,500 Watt electrical power

The future of unicycles

The new INMOTION V5F is faster, better and even more fun. Above all, the slimmer design and the ergonomic handle provide additional suitability for everyday use.

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749,00 €

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  • 30 km/h top speed

  • ranges of up to 40 km

  • 16 inch tires for more stability

  • multicoloured LED atmosphere lighting

High performance Ninebot unicycle

The V8 from INMOTION tops the list of unicycles when it comes to speed and range. A perfect machine for all professionals, but also advanced riders.

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1090,00 €

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  • 18 km/h top speed

  • only 13.5 kg dead weight

  • ranges of up to 15 km are possible

  • approx. 1.5 hours charging time

A classic on wheels

The INMOTION V3 is especially fun for beginners and semi-professionals alike and offers improved safety thanks to two tyres. An extendable handle, the touch-sensitive user interface and the LED front light are just a few of the highlights.

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449,00 €

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  • 40 km/h top speed

  • only 20.6 kg dead weight

  • ranges of up to 70 km

  • up to 8 hours charging time

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from 1490,00 €

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